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Welcome to, the site used to manage and account for all organizations represented and supported by the Student Engineers' Council (SEC) at Virginia Tech. By registering on this site, you will have access to apply for support from the SEC in the form of financial grants and representation during our frequent discussions with the College of Engineering leadership. To officially join our organization and register as a member on this site, please follow the instructions given below.

1) Join our Listserv

When logged into your student email ( go to the following site and join our listserv to receive all information regarding organization requirements and opportunities like funding deadlines, future events, and just general information about the engineering college. Our listserv is the primary way we contact our membership.

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2) Apply as an Organization

Please fill out the form below in its entirety. Your information will be sent to the executive board for approval. If approved, you will receive an email letting you know your organization is live on our site and that you can now make a personal account to see your information.

New Organization Form

To Be Completed ONLY by the Future SEC Representative or Current President

Organization Name

The organization name should reflect the official name represented on documentation such as the design team name or the organization name on GobblerConnect. We recommend all organizations choose an acronym as that is how we like to refer to most organizations (optional but highly recommended). The name should be in the following format: Name (Acronym). Example: Student Engineers' Council (SEC)


The description will be posted on the site and should reflect your goals/mission and how people can join. It must be done in 2000 characters or less.

President's Full Name

President's Email

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SEC Representative's Full Name

SEC Representative's Email

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I hereby agree to the following terms: I represent a Registered Student Organization (RSO) under the Department of Student Engagement and Campus Life, I am sponsored by an engineering department as a design team or similar entity, or I am starting a club with the a purpose and goals related to engineering. I understand that as a member of the SEC, I will be required to send an organization representative to bi-weekly general assembly meetings to participate in SEC business and to learn more about future events and the requirements of my membership. As of the Fall of 2017, all organizations under the SEC are required to contribute 3 hours of their time annually in the form of volunteering or assistance with SEC events and duties. I agree to abide by this new requirement. I understand that failure to meet these expectations may have an effect on the financial support the SEC provides me when and if my organization applies.

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